• colors (names)
  • colors (numeric)
    The (%Color;) data type refers to color definitions as specified in [SRGB]. A color value may either be a color name or a hexidecimal number (#RRGGBB).
  • Dynamic table
    This is an example of setting the various properties for the html table.
  • entity characters
    Character references in HTML are a manner for entering characters from the character set. Characters may be entered in numeric form as hexidecimal or decimal values. Or the characters maybe entered as named entity. The character references can have one of the following 3 forms: "&#DDD;", "&#xHHH;", "&#XHHH;" or "&>name<;".
  • no line break
    HTML provides the ability to prevent line breaks between two words by placing the   character into the two words. The two words should only be separated by the   character and no white space characters.
  • soft hyphens, ­
    The following are words which are best together, but can be hyphenated on line wraps. The soft hyphen is represented by the character entity reference ­ (­ or ­). The soft hypen will optionally be displayed when necessary. The plain hyphen is represented by the "-" character (- or -), which is always displayed.
  • text wrapping
    To view the source, click the 'View Source' button on your browsers menu bar. Typically, under the 'View' menu item.