Developers Corner
VOME - Database Viewer

The VOME project is a database viewer tool, based on JDBC. VOME allows for viewing and editing tables, indicies, and foreign keys. Allows importing and exporting CSV, XML, and Excel files. Verified on MySQL, H2, is intended to support all databases which have JDBC drivers. in addition, initial support for Mongo and HBase has been added. The download is free under GNU license. View more...

Database DAO Generator

The Database DAO project is a database layer, based on JDBC. This tool provides a Java Bean based access layer to the database. In addition, a translation tool has been provided which will allow auto generationof sources, for the POJO bean which reflects a table, auto generated access layer, auto generated junit tests, and auto generated rest services, with tests. The download is free under GNU license. View more...

Installer Tool

The Installer project is a java portable installation tool. The installer provides a UI and text interface for installing java applications. The UI is wizard based, the installer provieds pre-built java classes for installation, as well as, allowing custom java classes. The download is free under GNU license. View more...

Packet Parser/Viewer

The Packet Viewer project is a java portable packet parser and viewer tool. The download is free under GNU license. View more...


Samples of various technologies can be found here. Including samples of HTML , CSS , JavaScript , SVG , etc. These samples are updated often. The SVG samples will run natively on Firefox, but will require the Adobe SVG plugin, or equivalent to run with Internet Explorer. The filters are supported by the Adobe SVG plugin, but are not yet supported with Firefox.


These are some sample applets which perform various astronomical calculations. Currently, we have one which displays the planet rotations over time.

Education (K-12)

This application is designed to be a teaching tool for kids K thru 12. It is designed to allow teacher and parent to get daily feedback of the pupil's progress, and allow the teacher to find areas where all his/her pupils are having difficulty. It will allow the pupil to progress at his own pace, supplying unlimited practice of concepts. While in the beginning stages of development, expect only a few simple training programs at this time. The education program can be used without logging in, but you will be using the common username of demo . To get your personal login for the education program, get your own username, and login.


This application is allows access to our dictionary. We are in the process of building up multimedia features with our dictionary. Including voice for pronunciations and images for visual learning.

Baseball Scorebook

This application is development, it creates and manages a baseball leagues scorebook with reports for player, team, league statistics.